Q: What is BEAP?

Bluelight Emergency Awareness Programme is a four-year awareness programme via online videos which are designed to help enable primary school and post primary students to handle an emergency situation.

Q: Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for 10-17 yr old children (and parents too) - chiefly primary school and post primary students with little or no experience in dealing with an emergency situation.

BEAP programme aims to train a generation of students to react appropriately to an emergency event and teach them how to activate the emergency services with confidence.

This short online course has been designed to make people aware of basic emergency awareness procedures and educate them to the range of emergency services available.

Q: How do I access the online videos?

beapaware.com is the home page. Contact our distributor to receive login details to access the online videos through www.schoolelearningacademy.com

Q: What are the Benefits of the Programme?

There will be additional services and further programmes as the project evolves, but initially we are addressing the issue of how to deal with an emergency, and to help children have the confidence to deal with an emergency situation, inside or outside the classroom.

Unfortunately, the reality is that at some point in your life, you may need to call the emergency services such as ambulance paramedics, firefighters, police, coastguard or mountain rescue.

By being prepared for calling the emergency services, you can get the help you need much more quickly, and this can often make a big difference.

While there are many courses that teach practical first aid few show you how to make that first important call to the emergency services and help you prepare for the arrival of the emergency services.

Q: How much does the programme cost?

The programme is provided free to schools.  Please contact us to for more information.